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ADS-B Out | WAAS GPS | Altimeter | LED Nav Light | LED Strobe. ADS-B Out is mandated by the FAA to be installed by January 1, 2020, on all aircraft that currently require a transponder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install skyBeacon as the owner of the aircraft?
Experimental Aircraft: Yes

Light Sport Aircraft: With manufacturer approval. Certified Aircraft: You cannot install skyBeacon unless you have Inspection Authority for your aircraft. We recommend you contact an avionics installation facility or your regular Inspection Authorization (IA) mechanic. Most IAs, aircraft maintenance facilities, and/or repair stations are also qualified to install skyBeacon. Please note that the installation must be tested to verify proper configuration and operation.
Who can install the skyBeacon?
For certified aircraft, the skyBeacon must at the very least be installed by an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic (A&P) and the installation must be reviewed and approved (signed off) by an IA. Part 145 shops and facilities with avionics expertise will optimize timely installation and downtime in addition to reducing overall cost.
How long does a typical installation take?
A typical skyBeacon installation will take an installer around 1 hour – this is the time taken for the physical installation of the skyBeacon to the aircraft and the paperwork needed to sign off the installation. Please note that all aircraft are different, especially older aircraft that have been modified for other STC’s. This can potentially affect the installation time. This is why it is extremely important to discuss the installation with a certified avionics shop or A&P or IA.
Operational Flight Evaluation: What does the operational flight evaluation consist of?
To summarize the requirements of AC20-165B: The performance flight should take place for a minimum of 30 minutes from wheels up. The aircraft should climb to 3,000 ft+ AGL and perform a minimum of two 360 degree turns in each direction. Banks in excess of 30 degrees and extreme maneuvers and attitudes should be avoided. Any climb or descent should be a minimum of one minute in length. The area of flight should have excellent radar and ADS-B coverage.
Operational Flight Evaluation Details
Conduct an operational flight evaluation (OFE) per section 91.407(b) and request an FAA ADS-B compliance report.